Insert Workstation

We specialize ourselves in workstations. Modular workstations are the most popular with our clients; they are also called as insert workstation.

The Insert workstation furniture system provides a flexible platform of simple interchangeable components that enable you to create complete offices that support individual and teamwork requirements. It includes ergonomically-shaped work surfaces, fixed and mobile furniture elements, and an extensive choice of finishing materials

These are just some of the benefits of insert workstations: • Easy access to power, phone and data cabling. • Removable panel skin can be changed for a new look. • Create diverse work settings within a given space. • Supports the changing needs of fixed and mobile workers, and organizations. • Enables the design of a variety of workspaces to meet the diverse needs of different activities. • Offers infinite planning possibilities, with the flexibility to reconfigure and grow with changing business needs.

Workstation 001 Workstation 002 Workstation 003 Workstation 004 Workstation 005

Workstation 006 Workstation 007 Workstation 008 Workstation 009 Workstation 010

Workstation 011 Workstation 012 Workstation 013 Workstation 014 Workstation 015

Workstation 016 Workstation 017 Workstation 018 Workstation 019 Workstation 020

Workstation 021 Workstation 022 Workstation 023 Workstation 024 Workstation 025

Workstation 026 Workstation 027 Workstation 028 Workstation 029 Workstation 030

Workstation 031 Workstation 032 Workstation 033 Workstation 034 Workstation 035

Workstation 036 Workstation 037 Workstation 038 Workstation 039 Workstation 040

Workstation 041 Workstation 042 Workstation 043 Workstation 044 Workstation 045

Workstation 046 Workstation 047 Workstation 048 Workstation 049 Workstation 050

Workstation 051 Workstation 052 Workstation 053 Workstation 054 Workstation 055

Workstation 056 Workstation 057 Workstation 058 Workstation 059 Workstation 060

Workstation 061 Workstation 062 Workstation 063 Workstation 064 Workstation 065

Workstation 066 Workstation 067 Workstation 068 Workstation 069 Workstation 070

Workstation 071

Right Angle Workstation

Right Angle Workstations is an innovative modular desking system that is designed to help you with components that are easy to mix, match or reconfigure. We understand the space constraints at workplace which is why we design ergonomic sleek and sturdy workstations. Formal but attractive these workstations will add that new look and impact your office space.

Work surfaces provide ergonomic access to computers and substantial space for a multitude tasks.
Offers structure to your workspace
Provides office flexibility and mobility
Supports individual and group work in the same space
Connects open and semi-open spaces with power and data.