Office Sofa

The Mayuri International range comprises complete furniture ensembles, designed to make office space efficient and attractive.
Best products of Sofa in office space is being provided here. Make the best out it. We have the top mostr collections and we manufacrture the sofa in our factory outlet.

Office Space Lounge

LongTub-043 LongTub-044 LongTub-045

LongTub-046 LongTub-047 LongTub-048

LongTub-049 LongTub-050 LongTub-051

LongTub-052 LongTub-053 LongTub-054

LongTub-055 LongTub-056 LongTub-057

LongTub-058 LongTub-059 LongTub-060


Barcelona Chairs

Barc-1 Barc-2 Barc-3

Barc-4 Barc-5 Barc-6

Barc-7 Barc-8 Barc-9

Barc-10 Barc-11 Barc-12

Barc-13 Barc-14 Barc-15

Barc-16 Barc-17 Barc-18

3-Seater Office Sofa

OS3S-01 OS3S-02 OS3S-03

OS3S-04 OS3S-05 OS3S-06

OS3S-07 OS3S-08 OS3S-09

OS3S-010 OS3S-011 OS3S-012

OS3S-013 OS3S-014 OS3S-015

OS3S-016 OS3S-017 OS3S-018

OS3S-019 OS3S-020 OS3S-021

OS3S-022 OS3S-023 OS3S-024

OS3S-025 OS3S-026 OS3S-027

OS3S-028 OS3S-029 OS3S-030

OS3S-031 OS3S-032 OS3S-033

OS3S-034 OS3S-035 OS3S-036

OS3S-037 OS3S-038 OS3S-039

OS3S-040 OS3S-041 OS3S-042

OS3S-043 OS3S-044 OS3S-045

OS3S-046 OS3S-047 OS3S-048

OS3S-049 OS3S-050 OS3S-051

OS3S-052 OS3S-053 OS3S-054

OS3S-055 OS3S-056 OS3S-057


2-Seater Office Sofa

OS2S-01 OS2S-02 OS2S-03

OS2S-04 OS2S-05 OS2S-06

OS2S-07 OS2S-08 OS2S-09

OS2S-010 OS2S-011 OS2S-012

OS2S-013 OS2S-014 OS2S-015

OS2S-016 OS2S-017 OS2S-018

OS2S-019 OS2S-020 OS2S-021

OS2S-022 OS2S-023 OS2S-024

OS2S-025 OS2S-026 OS2S-027

OS2S-028 OS2S-029 OS2S-030

OS2S-031 OS2S-032 OS2S-033

OS2S-034 OS2S-035 OS2S-036

OS2S-037 OS2S-038 OS2S-039

OS2S-040 OS2S-041 OS2S-042

OS2S-043 OS2S-044 OS2S-045

OS2S-046 OS2S-047 OS2S-048

OS2S-049 OS2S-050 OS2S-051


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