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Welcome to sofas from Mayuri International, ranging from versatile modular sofas to upholstered sofas. From corner sofas to loveseats many of these sofas can be put together in any combination of middle/corner/end & chaise units, as they are designed to be totally flexible. There is a variety of range in fabric to choose from, with fabric covers being (mostly) removable - great for cleaning. If you wish to use your own fabric, we accommodate that.
As part of larger range of contemporary furniture many have matching armchairs too. So please feel free to come in & one of our designers can help you put together the right pieces.


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boston-beige Brian - Sofa Chicago - Leather sofa

Denver Sofa Dolc - Sofa Mica - Sofa

Ocean - Sofa Renata - Sofa Blackpool- sofa

Sanctuary - Sofa Serenity - sofa Summer Leather Sofa

Toffee Sofa - white Turner - Sofa Warnock - Sofa

Toffee Sofa - black Ambassador - Sofa Armonia - Sofa

Aspen - Sofa Bel air - Sofa Boston - Sofa

Boutique - Sofa Zanda - Sofa California - Sofa

Carousel - sofa Clark - Sofa Clough - Sofa

Concorde - Sofa Contender - sofa Cordova - Sofa

Corylus - Sofa Cosmo - Sofa Cryptic - sofa

Cyber - Sofa Dallas - Sofa Dawson - Sofa

Daze - sofa Debonair - sofa Degas - Sofa

Elita-Beige Designer - Sofa Dorian - Sofa

Dorian - Sofa Douglas - Sofa Dynamo - corner sofa

Evos - Sofa Fancy Corner Sofa Felix - Sofa

Fit Double - Sofa Flores - Sofa Franklin - Sofa

Glamour Leather Sofa Hazel - Sofa Hockney - Sofa

Kafka- Sofa Kudos Sofa Lavish - Sofa

Le Club - Sofa Leo - Sofa Lincoln - Sofa

Lloyd - Sofa Loft - Sofa Manattan - Sofa

Maple - Sofa Martin Corner - Sofa Mart-sofa

Mex Cube - Sofa Mister Corner - Sofa Modena - Sofa

New Liner Corner - Sofa Oberon - Sofa Oxford-sofa

Howard Sofa Parker - Sofa Pasha - Corner - Sofa

Peanut - Corner - Sofa Perez-sofa Picasso - Sofa

Pilotta - Sofa Plaza Sofa Pollock Sofa

Prince-sofa Rapide - sofa Reflex - Sofa

Repose - Sofa Retro - Sofa Ripple -Sofa

Segura - Sofa Senator - Sofa Sigma - Sofa

Sign - Corner-sofa Sphere - Sofa Stacy - Sofa

Swift - Sofa Trimph-sofa Trophy - Sofa

Trowell - Sofa Ventura - Sofa Vetta - Sofa

Wisteria - Sofa ABRA-Sofa Bliss-Sofa


Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.

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