Living Room Sofa(Marvelous)

Contemporary sofas & modern sofas from Mayuri International, ranging from versatile modular sofas to hand made leather Sofa Manufacturer in Bangalore. From corner sofas to loveseats many of these sofas can be put together in any combination of middle/corner/end & chaise units, as they are designed to be totally flexible. Sofa Manufacturer in Bangalore, Sofa Manufacturers in Bangalore, Sofa Dealer in Bangalore, Sofa furniture Manufacturer in Bangalore, Sofa suppliers in Bangalore, Carved Sofa Manufacturer in Bangalore, Stylish Sofa Manufacturer in Bangalore, Best Sofa Manufacturers in Bangalore.

There is a huge range of fabric & leather to choose from, with fabric covers being (mostly) removable - great for cleaning. It is also possible to use your own fabric

As part of larger ranges of contemporary furniture many have matching armchairs too.

So please feel free to come in & one of our designers can help you put together the right pieces.

Sofa Marvellous Style

SM-01 SM-02 SM-03 SM-04 SM-05

SM-06 SM-07 SM-08 SM-09 SM-10

SM-11 SM-12 SM-13 SM-14 SM-15

SM-16 SM-17 SM-18 SM-19 SM-20

SM-21 SM-22 SM-23 SM-24 SM-25

SM-26 SM-27 SM-28 SM-29 SM-30

SM-31 SM-32 SM-33 SM-34 SM-35

SM-36 SM-37 SM-38 SM-39 SM-40

SM-41 SM-42 SM-43 SM-44 SM-45

SM-46 SM-47 SM-48 SM-49 SM-50

SM-51 SM-52 SM-53 SM-54 SM-55

SM-56 SM-57 SM-58 SM-59 SM-60

SM-61 SM-62 SM-63 SM-64 SM-65

SM-66 SM-67 SM-68 SM-69 SM-70

SM-71 SM-72 SM-73 SM-74 SM-75

SM-76 SM-77 SM-78 SM-79 SM-80

SM-81 SM-82 SM-83 SM-84 SM-85

SM-86 SM-87 SM-88 SM-89 SM-90

SM-91 SM-92 SM-93 SM-94 SM-95

SM-96 SM-97 SM-98 SM-99 SM-100

SM-101 SM-102 SM-103 SM-104 SM-105

SM-106 SM-107 SM-108 SM-109 SM-110

SM-111 SM-112 SM-113 SM-114 SM-115

SM-116 SM-117 SM-118 SM-119 SM-120

SM-21 SM-22 SM-23 SM-24 SM-25

SM-126 SM-127 SM-128 SM-129 SM-130

SM-131 SM-132 SM-133 SM-134 SM-135

SM-136 SM-137 SM-138 SM-139 SM-140

SM-141 SM-142 SM-143 SM-144 SM-145

SM-146 SM-147 SM-148 SM-149 SM-150

SM-151 SM-152 SM-153 SM-154 SM-155

SM-156 SM-157 SM-158 SM-159 SM-160

SM-161 SM-162 SM-163 SM-164 SM-165

SM-166 SM-167 SM-168 SM-169 SM-170

SM-171 SM-172 SM-173 SM-174 SM-175

SM-176 SM-177 SM-178 SM-179 SM-180

SM-181 SM-182 SM-183 SM-184 SM-185

SM-186 SM-187 SM-188 SM-189 SM-190

SM-191 SM-192 SM-193 SM-194 SM-195

SM-196 SM-197 SM-198 SM-199 SM-200

SM-201 SM-202 SM-203 SM-204 SM-205

SM-206 SM-207 SM-208 SM-209 SM-210

SM-211 SM-212 SM-213

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.