L Shape Leatherite Sofa

Welcome to sofas from Mayuri International, ranging from versatile modular sofas to upholstered sofas. From corner sofas to loveseats many of these sofas can be put together in any combination of middle/corner/end & chaise units, as they are designed to be totally flexible. There is a variety of range in fabric to choose from, with fabric covers being (mostly) removable - great for cleaning. If you wish to use your own fabric, we accommodate that.
As part of larger range of contemporary furniture many have matching armchairs too. So please feel free to come in & one of our designers can help you put together the right pieces.




LSLS-010 LSLS-011 LSLS-012

LSLS-013 LSLS-014 LSLS-015

LSLS-016 LSLS-017 LSLS-018

LSLS-019 LSLS-020 LSLS-021

LSLS-022 LSLS-023 LSLS-024

LSLS-025 LSLS-026 LSLS-027

LSLS-028 LSLS-029 LSLS-030

LSLS-031 LSLS-032 LSLS-033

LSLS-034 LSLS-035 LSLS-036

LSLS-037 LSLS-038 LSLS-039

LSLS-040 LSLS-041 LSLS-042

LSLS-043 LSLS-044 LSLS-045

LSLS-046 LSLS-047 LSLS-048

LSLS-049 LSLS-050 LSLS-051

LSLS-052 LSLS-053 LSLS-054

LSLS-055 LSLS-056 LSLS-057

LSLS-058 LSLS-059 LSLS-060

LSLS-061 LSLS-062 LSLS-063

LSLS-064 LSLS-065 LSLS-066

LSLS-067 LSLS-068 LSLS-069

LSLS-070 LSLS-071 LSLS-072

LSLS-073 LSLS-074

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.

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