Table Base

Mayuri Internationals division of Stainless Steel furniture gives you the promise of commercial quality restaurant table bases in a great selection of plain round, cross and oval styles in different sizes and weights. Available in standard 28 height, bar height and custom heights. Extra strong and durable table bases to support a wide variety of table tops including wood, natural stone, granite and marble. Our stainless steel table bases are made of 304-grade and 202 degree grade stainless steel, Also a large selection of powder coat colors for either indoor or outdoor restaurant furniture use for a table base to match your decor and tables. We have the largest assortment of dining table bases made from stainless steel and the best prices for table bases anywhere for your restaurant and business. Stable and durable, these metal table bases are great for both indoor and outdoor use even in coastal environments where rusting and sand is not convenient for other metal tables.

TB-R-001 TB-R-002 TB-R-003

TB-R-004 TB-R-005 TB-R-006

TB-R-007 TB-R-008 TB-R-009

TB-R-010 TB-R-011 TB-R-012

TB-R-013 TB-R-014 TB-R-015

TB-R-016 TB-R-017 TB-R-018

TB-R-019 TB-R-020 TB-R-021

TB-R-022 TB-R-023 TB-R-024

TB-R-025 TB-R-026 TB-R-027

TB-R-028 TB-R-029 TB-R-030

TB-R-031 TB-R-032 TB-R-033

TB-R-034 TB-R-035 TB-R-036

TB-R-037 TB-R-038 TB-R-039


TB-S-001 TB-S-002 TB-S-003

TB-S-004 TB-S-005 TB-S-006

TB-S-007 TB-S-008 TB-S-009

TB-S-010 TB-S-011 TB-S-012

TB-S-013 TB-S-014 TB-S-015

TB-S-016 TB-S-017 TB-S-018

TB-S-019 TB-S-020 TB-S-021

TB-S-022 TB-S-023 TB-S-024

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