Hotel Sofa

Having served some very big names in the hotel industry, we proudly say that we do this job at its best. Our Designer sofa section has the latest in contemporary furniture. Most of our hotel furniture is inspired from European designs. We are passionate about designer furniture & believe we offer one of the best collections of modern designer sofas in India.

HTSO-001 HTSO-002 HTSO-003

HTSO-004 HTSO-005 HTSO-006

HTSO-007 HTSO-008 HTSO-009

HTSO-010 HTSO-011 HTSO-012

HTSO-013 HTSO-014 HTSO-015

HTSO-016 HTSO-017 HTSO-018

HTSO-019 HTSO-020 HTSO-021

HTSO-022 HTSO-023 HTSO-024

HTSO-025 HTSO-026 HTSO-027

HTSO-028 HTSO-029 HTSO-030

HTSO-031 HTSO-032 HTSO-033

HTSO-034 HTSO-035 HTSO-036

Romeo Sofa-60-Slice ultra modern

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DeS201 (1) DeS201 (2) DeS201 (3)

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.

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