Hotel Bar Chairs

Bar Chairs are a type of tall chair, often with a foot rest to support the feet. Bar chairs/stools are becoming more popular in homes, usually placed at the kitchen counter or at a home bar as well.

HWDN-001 HWDN-002 HWDN-003

HWDN-004 HWDN-005

HWD-001 HWD-002 HWD-003

HWD-004 HWD-005 HWD-006

HWD-007 HWD-008 HWD-009

HWD-010 HWD-011 HWD-012

HWD-013 HWD-014 HWD-015

HWD-016 HWD-017 HWD-018

HWD-019 HWD-020 HWD-021

HWD-022 HWD-023 HWD-024

HWD-025 HWD-026 HWD-027

HWD-028 HWD-029 HWD-030

HWD-031 HWD-032 HWD-033

HWD-034 HWD-035

BC-001 BC-003

BC-004 BC-005 BC-006

BC-007 BC-008 BC-009

BC-010 BC-011 BC-012

BC-013 BC-014 BC-015

BC-016 BC-017 BC-018

BC-019 BC-020 BC-021

BC-022 BC-023 BC-024

BC-025 BC-026 BC-027

BC-028 BC-029 BC-030

BC-031 BC-032 BC-033

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