Executive Desks

Come to a new space where the concept of existing shapes evokes a thing of the past. Current needs at our work space have technically developed in order for us to work efficiently. Today Design and functionality permit us to use new shapes that give us practicality and the opportunity to feel positive at work.

The products - varnished tones, sycamore, natural beech and wengue – mirror the latest trends in the interior design sector; in addition to it wood with its sheen gives an aesthetic value to the product Therefore Mayuri International range comprises an office furniture ensemble, designed to make office space both efficient and attractive and we design our executive desks to exactly serve those purposes.

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ex-desk 019 ex-desk 020 ex-desk 021

ex-desk 022 ex-desk 023 ex-desk 024

ex-desk 025 ex-desk 026

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.

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