Dining Room Furniture

Dining Table

The dining room is the central element of your house as the place where everyone gathers so we know its importance, it has to be a right mix of durability looks and accommodative. Also choosing a set of dining chairs that are appropriate to it is a task that we deal with utmost importance. You get to select from a wide variety of styles, traditional leather chairs, formal upholstered chairs are some of them. You can choose from different colors and finishes to add depth to your dining room. Providing storage for your dining room, sideboards act as a useful furniture piece, we help you with elegant matching sideboards too that provide shelving, drawers etc.

DT-003 DT-005 DT-006

DT-008 DT-010 DT-011

DT-012 DT-013 DT-014

DT-015 DT-016 DT-018

DT-020 DT-021 DT-022

DT-023 DT-024 DT-025

DT-027 DT-028 DT-029

DT-030 DT-031 DT-032

DT-033 DT-034 DT-035

DT-036 DT-037 DT-038

DT-040 DT-041 DT-042

DT-043 DT-044 DT-0406

DT-045 DT-046 DT-047

DT-048 DT-049 DT-050

DT-051 DT-052 DT-053

DT-054 DT-055 DT-056

DT-057 DT-058 DT-059

DT-060 DT-061

Dining Chair

Contemporary Dining Chairs & modern dining chairs from Mayuri International, from luxury upholstered dining chairs to great value (& excellent quality) wooden dining chairs, all carefully chosen to complement our modern dining tables.

In addition, our lacquer & wood dining chairs have matching dining tables as well as other furniture like sideboards, bookcases etc so if you would like to find matching ranges for a dining chair please feel free to contact us on 080 40904169 or visit our Bangalore showroom & we can help.

Upholstery Dining Chairs

Hotel Upholstery Dining Chairs are the most offten preferred chairs for inside hall and rooms.

HUP 001 HUP 002 HUP 003 HUP 004 HUP 005

HUP 006 HUP 007 HUP 008 HUP 009 HUP 010

HUP 011 HUP 012 HUP 013 HUP 014 HUP 015

HUP 016 HUP 017 HUP 018 HUP 019 HUP 020

HUP 021 HUP 022 HUP 023

HUP 024 HUP 025 HUP 026 HUP 027 HUP 028

HUP 029 HUP 030 HUP 031 HUP 032 HUP 033

HUP 034 HUP 035 HUP 036 HUP 037 HUP 038

HUP 039 HUP 040 HUP 041 HUP 042 HUP 043

HUP 044 HUP 045 HUP 046 HUP 047 HUP 048

HUP 049 HUP 050 HUP 051 HUP 052 HUP 053

HUP 054 HUP 055 HUP 056 HUP 057

Wooden Dining Chairs

Hotel Wooden Dining Chairs are the most offten preferred chairs for beech sides and also these are bit mixed up with upholstery parts.

HWD-06 HWD-07 HWD-08 HWD-09 HWD-10

HWD-11 HWD-12 HWD-13 HWD-14 HWD-15

HWD-16 HWD-17 HWD-18 HWD-19 HWD-20
HWD-21 HWD-22 HWD-23 HWD-24 HWD-25

HWD-26 HWD-27 HWD-28 HWD-29 HWD-30

HWD-31 HWD-32 HWD-33 HWD-34 HWD-35

HWD-36 HWD-37 HWD-38 HWD-39 HWD-40

HWD-41 HWD-42 HWD-43 HWD-44 HWD-45

HWD-46 HWD-47 HWD-48 HWD-49 HWD-50

HWD-51 HWD-52 HWD-53 HWD-54 HWD-55

HWD-56 HWD-57 HWD-58 HWD-59 HWD-60

HWD-61 HWD-62 HWD-63 HWD-64 HWD-65

HWD-66 HWD-67 HWD-68 HWD-69 HWD-70

HWD-71 HWD-72 HWD-73 HWD-74 HWD-75

HWD-76 HWD-77 HWD-78 HWD-79 HWD-80

HWD-81 HWD-82 HWD-83 HWD-84 HWD-85

HWD-86 HWD-87 HWD-88 HWD-89 HWD-90

HWD-91 HWD-92 HWD-93 HWD-94 HWD-95

HWD-96 HWD-97 HWD-98 HWD-99 HWD-100

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.