Cub & Pouffes

If you’re looking for an accessory that can be utilized as a foot rest, coffee table, storage and more, then an ottoman/ Pouffes may be your answer. Available in a variety of styles and colors, an ottoman or cube can be the final touch to your design scheme while also proving highly useful.
Why is an ottoman / Pouffes useful? Everyone likes a place to comfortably rest their feet, which is the primary use of ottomans / Pouffes. However, their function has evolved: now they can double as coffee tables, spots for seating, a decorative accessory, and more.


Cube Ashley Ashley-02 Box-it Cuba -red

Cuba Cuba-01 Cuba-3S cubix Curve - Pouffe

Dab Stools Dib Stools Fuschia storag Pouffe leather-footstool Mojo chairs

Round Storage Pouff Trazala white-pouffe Pouffe-01

Pouffe-02 Pouffe-03 Pouffe-04 Pouffe-05 Pouffe-06

Pouffe-07 Pouffe-08 Pouffe-09 Pouffe-010 Pouffe-011

Pouffe-012 Pouffe-013 Pouffe-014 Pouffe-015 Pouffe-016

Pouffe-017 Pouffe-018 Pouffe-019 Pouffe-020 Pouffe-021

Pouffe-022 Pouffe-023 Pouffe-024 Pouffe-025 Pouffe-026

Pouffe-027 Pouffe-028 Pouffe-029 Pouffe-030 Pouffe-031

Pouffe-032 Pouffe-033 Pouffe-034 Pouffe-035 Pouffe-036

Pouffe-037 Pouffe-038 Pouffe-039 Pouffe-040 Pouffe-041

Pouffe-042 Pouffe-043 Pouffe-044 Pouffe-045 Pouffe-046

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