Chairs -custom made, executive, conference, classroom, we have it all. Do compare us with other chair manufacturers in Bangalore, you will find Mayuri International a bet for best office chairs in our range. The simplest recline mechanism but one that lifts the sitter’s feet off the ground. We also have knee tilts, synchro tilt, which allows the sitter to recline while keeping his or her feet on the floor while doing so.

We started as office chairs manufacturers in Bangalore to serve customers throughout the country with ergonomic chairs, waiting room chairs, educational chairs, and other school furniture and office furniture solutions. We offer free delivery through our efficient distribution network for office chairs in Bangalore,

We can provide free computer chairs and office chairs samples as demo at your location. If you should face an issue we commit to attend all complaints within two working days.

The chairs are known for their style and simplicity. Mayuri International has a wide range of chairs that match any sector and department.

Staff Chairs

SC-001 SC-002 SC-003

SC-004 SC-005 SC-006

SC-007 SC-008 SC-009

SC-010 SC-011 SC-012

SC-013 SC-014 SC-015

SC-016 SC-017 SC-018

SC-019 SC-020 SC-021

SC-022 SC-023 SC-024

SC-025 SC-026 SC-027

SC-028 SC-029 SC-030

SC-031 SC-032 SC-033

SC-034 SC-035 SC-036

SC-037 SC-038 SC-039

SC-040 SC-041 SC-042

SC-043 SC-044 SC-045

SC-046 SC-047 SC-048

SC-049 SC-050 SC-051

SC-052 SC-053 SC-054

SC-055 SC-056 SC-057

SC-058 SC-059 SC-060

SC-060 SC-061 SC-062

SC-063 SC-064 SC-065

SC-066 SC-067 SC-068

Executive Chairs

EMC-001 EMC-002 EMC-003

EMC-004 EMC-005 EMC-006

EMC-007 EMC-008 EMC-009

EMC-010 EMC-011 EMC-012

EMC-013 EMC-014 EMC-015

EMC-016 EMC-017 EMC-018

EMC-019 EMC-020 EMC-021

EMC-022 EMC-023 EMC-024

EMC-025 EMC-026 EMC-027

EMC-028 EMC-029 EMC-030

EMC-031 EMC-032 EMC-033

EMC-034 EMC-035 EMC-036

EMC-037 EMC-038 EMC-039

EMC-040 EMC-041 EMC-042

EMC-043 EMC-044 EMC-045

EMC-046 EMC-047 EMC-048

EMC-049 EMC-050 EMC-051

EMC-052 EMC-053 EMC-054

EMC-055 EMC-056 EMC-057

EMC-058 EMC-059 EMC-060

EMC-060 EMC-061 EMC-062

Conference Chairs

CONF-001 CONF-002 CONF-003

CONF-004 CONF-005 CONF-006

CONF-007 CONF-008 CONF-009

CONF-010 CONF-011 CONF-012

CONF-013 CONF-014 CONF-015

CONF-016 CONF-017 CONF-018

CONF-019 CONF-020 CONF-021

CONF-022 CONF-023 CONF-024

CONF-025 CONF-026 CONF-027

CONF-028 CONF-029 CONF-030


Training Chairs

CC-001 CC-002 CC-003

CC-004 CC-005 CC-006

CC-007 CC-008 CC-009

Visitor Chairs

VC-001 VC-002 VC-003

VC-004 VC-005 VC-006

VC-007 VC-008 VC-009

VC-010 VC-011 VC-012

VC-013 VC-014 VC-015

VC-016 VC-017 VC-018

VC-019 VC-020 VC-021

VC-022 VC-023 VC-024

VC-025 VC-026 VC-027

VC-028 VC-029 VC-030

VC-031 VC-032 VC-033

VC-034 VC-035 VC-036

VC-037 VC-038 VC-039


Public Chairs

PC-001 PC-002 PC-003


Cafe Chairs

CC-001 CC-002 CC-003

CC-004 CC-005 CC-006

CC-007 CC-008 CC-009

CC-010 CC-011 CC-012

CC-013 CC-014 CC-015

CC-016 CC-017 CC-018

CC-019 CC-020 CC-021

CC-022 CC-023

Bar Chairs

BC-001 BC-002 BC-003

BC-004 BC-005 BC-006

BC-007 BC-008 BC-009

BC-010 BC-011 BC-012

BC-013 BC-014 BC-015

BC-016 BC-017 BC-018

BC-019 BC-020 BC-021

BC-022 BC-023 BC-024

BC-025 BC-026 BC-027

BC-028 BC-029 BC-030

BC-031 BC-032 BC-033

BC-034 BC-035 BC-036

BC-037 BC-038 BC-039

BC-040 BC-041 BC-042

BC-043 BC-044 BC-045

BC-046 BC-047 BC-048

BC-049 BC-050 BC-051

BC-052 BC-053 BC-054

BC-055 BC-056 BC-057

BC-058 BC-059 BC-060

Our contemporary furniture collections are always changing & growing. To keep up with our news please bookmark the site and return to view our latest range.

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