Living Room Sofa(Marvelous)

As the word stands for itself, these are a collection of extraordinary sofas designed to give an experience of wonder in the luxury they provide. Elegantly placed in your living room they have a spell to recreate the entire ambience around you. They are symbol of status. Available in leather, leatherette and fabric with wide range of colors and a wonderful finish in quality, they become the “must have” of your living space to cozy up on evenings.

SM-01 SM-02 SM-03

SM-04 SM-05 SM-06

SM-07 SM-08 SM-09

SM-10 SM-11 SM-12 SM-13 SM-14 SM-15

SM-13 SM-14 SM-15

SM-16 SM-17 SM-18

SM-19 SM-20 SM-21

SM-19 SM-20 SM-21

SM-25 SM-26 SM-27

SM-28 SM-29 SM-30

SM-31 SM-32 SM-33

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